'Navy Days' Photo Album 2 -- The 1/74  DE/DUE Batch
at Sea training / INS Shivaji (1974-75)

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After NAVAC, the Batch landed up at Bombay for sea training. The Regal Cinema & the Taj are inseparable from Naval life due to their proximity to the Lion Gate (Naval Dockyard and jetties). Laghate and I did our Engine Room Watchkeeping training on the majestic destroyer INS Mysore. And what a formidable man-of-war was INS Mysore!
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Sailing on the high seas was a unique experience for all of us. I just LOVED it! INS Mysore doing FULL STEAM AHEAD. And we land up in Male (Maldives) -- my very first 'phoren' trip!
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Mrs. Indira Gandhi, on a state visit to Maldives, embarks INS Mysore at Male. Ag Slts Caesar and Mukherjee with their  'heat transfer' project at INS Shivaji. During our Marine Engg. course at Shivaji, we found time to explore the 'ghats' of Lonavla.
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Sarwate always knew the right direction! A happy and fun-loving batch. Vaidya riding Sarwate! Kumar & Caesar are amused.
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Kumar 'taking charge properly'! Those were the days! The hills & valleys surrounding Shivaji are truly beautiful.
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Students take a couple of 'staff officers' for a ride to the Karla Caves At the conclusion of our IAT, Pune attachment which we did alongwith our Electrical (Cadet Entry) counterparts
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After our 'passing out parade' at INS Shivaji, we book the Blue Room and have a whale of a time!
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The 1/74 Batch graduates in Marine Engineering from INS Shivaji

Standing (L to R) : Soares Caesar, Raghavan, Abdul Rauf, Lt SK Mishra*, Babu Rao, VM Sarwate, Lt Cdr DMS Nanda*, S Vasudevan, Lt RN Sharma*, SS Kumar, Cdr RK Gupta*, Lt Dhanjoon*, N Singh, Lt TC Mohan*, AV Laghate, RK Saigal, R Vaidya, K Tikku.

Sitting (L to R) : D Mukherjee, GD Agarwal, MS Islam (Bangladesh Navy), L Gopalkrishnan, B Satish Prasad.

[* = Staff]