V. Raghavan (a.k.a. Rags; Aero / 1978 / LLR) visits Mumbai, Kolkata & Kgp during December 2003

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Rags, one of the pioneers of the LLRweb, visited Mumbai, Kolkata and Kharagpur during his annual trip to India in December 2003. His primary  objective was to meet old (and new) friends from LLR Hall and to reminisce about the unforgettable 5 years spent at IITkgp. Here are some photos taken (with his Olympus Camedia) during the visit. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos.

At Mumbai

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Rags, Mandy, Gharse and Venky Southee and Venky Rags with Roosky and family

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Narayan Saha Palekar, Rags and Southee Roosky and Ashwini Kumar

At Kolkata and Kharagpur

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Sanjay Dasgupta, GM and Rags Aniruddha Choudhury, Rags and DM Subir Chakraborty and Rags

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Rags and Ajit Singh Rags with the Mukherjee family Prof. B.C. Basu, Rags and Prof. A. Singh

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Mess workers at LLR Hall Rags with Madhuda Rags with students** at A1 top

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Students** with DM at 'Anarkali' Rags in high spirits at A1 top DM takes a fag-break while returning from Kgp

** The 5th. yr. (combined B.Tech. + M.Tech.) students of LLR Hall Rags and I had the pleasure of spending an evening with are Gaurav Saxena, Kishore Mundra, Mahesh Natarajan, Suraj Verma, Kaushik Ghosh and Arnab Roy.

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