'Navy Days' Photo Album 1 -- The 1/74  DE/DUE Batch

at Naval Academy, Cochin (1974)

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AgSlts Kundra & Vaidya pose at the Marina Beach. The 3 of us had broken journey at Madras en route to the Navac, Cochin. Vaidya presents first glimpses of his weird traits -- strikes a rapport with the crows on Marina as Kundra looks on! More crows are attracted to Vaidya.

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Ag Slts Mukherjee, Tagore, Sarwate, Kundra & Saigal in front of  NAVAC admin block. Ag Slts Vaidya, Sarwate, Kundra & Mukherjee at the Officers' Mess. UY Satish Chander and Ag Slts Sarwate, Saigal, Prasad and Mukherjee decide to take off for Cape Comorin during Onam holidays.
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Prasad, Saigal, Sarwate and Chander with our taxi driver at Kovalam. M'jee, Saigal, Prasad and Chander at Kovalam. Prasad, Saigal, Chander and Sarwate at the Kovalam beach.
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Saigal, Chander, Sarwate & Prasad at Cape Comorin. Saigal, Chander, Prasad and Mukherjee at the Vivekananda rock memorial A view of the Vivekananda rock memorial at Cape Comorin.