ME/74 Classmates Get Together in Dec 2003 and Jan 2004

Two enjoyable get-togethers of classmates took place in quick succession at Kolkata in December 2003 and January 2004. The first one was at my place at Alipore and the second one at Udayan's beautiful new flat at Salt Lake. Interestingly, we had the pleasure of meeting two of our NRI classmates during these sessions -- Snehamay Banerjee at my place and Subir Chatterjee at Udayan's. Let me share some photos taken by Snehamay and me.

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At my place in December 2003

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Bikramjit and Snehamay Rahul, Saranjit and Snehamay Snehamay's son Avik and Rahul

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Saranjit, Tanvir, Rajvir and Anita take an early dinner as they have to go to the airport to receive Jasvir Saranjit says goodbye to Snehamay Enid (Debashis' younger daughter), Jaya, Swapna, Sumita and Srabani

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Jaya, Swapna, Srabani and Sumita


Snehamay, Rahul, Bikramjit and Debashis

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At Udayan's place in January 2004

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Rahul and Subir Ashoke makes a point Hostess Shubhra and host Udayan are obviously pleased -- their party is warming up

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Jaya, Sumita and Shubhra Ashis in a reflective mood Udayan's elder son Upayan can be seen in the background

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Jaya, Sumita and Ashis Rahul delivers a speech Dinner is served -- a mouth-watering fare prepared by Shubhra

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Sayan, Shubhra, Upayan and Udayan pose in the background as Ashoke concentrates on the food

The ladies do full justice to Shubhra's cooking

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