Holiday at Lakshadweep (and Chennai, Kochi, Mumbai) -- March 2004

Jaya and I went for a holiday to the Lakshadweep islands in March 2004. We also visited Chennai (where we stayed with Cdr Mathew George & Amina, met my niece Bidisha and her husband Satya and took a conducted tour to Kanchipuram / Mahabalipuram), Kochi (where we stayed at the Naval Holiday Home, enjoyed the hospitality of Cdr Abdul Rauf & family, Cdr Gopu and Cmde Ravi Chander) and Mumbai (where we stayed with Ashutosh Ojha and met our elder daughter Debashree, Mitali Boudi & family and many Naval and IITkgp / LLR friends). Let me share some photos with you.

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Amina George -- the Principal in her office at the A.M.M. School, Chennai Amina, Cdr George and Avanti at home Jaya, Amina and George waiting for lunch at Annalakshmi, Mount Road DM and George go-karting near Chennai
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Bidisha visiting us at Georges' place Bidisha and Satya in front of their home Exquisite temple sculpture at Kanchipuram Temple ritual at Kanchipuram
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One of the  magnificent temples at Kanchipuram Beautiful sculpted stone architecture on the Mahabalipuram sea-coast
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Krishna's butter (stone!) ball The shimmering lagoon at Muttukadu The Naval holiday home at Kochi where we stayed An old cathedral at Fort Kochi
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Chinese fishing nets at old Kochi Cdr Gopu, Cdr Rauf and Rauf's younger son Mukherjees enjoying Raufs' hospitalty Cmde Ravichander in his office (NSRY)
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M.V. Tipu Sultan -- our cruise ship View from the lighthouse at Minicoy Local folk dance at Minicoy
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View of coral at Kavaratti thro' glass-bottomed boat Jaya getting ready for SCUBA diving at Kavaratti Kalpeni was the most picturesque of the 3 islands we visited. The small islets off Kalpeni, where we went kayaking, were lovely. Also, snorkelling gave a great view of coral and marine life in the shallow reefs between the islets.
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One of the islets off Kalpeni Debashree (our elder daughter) and her roommate Mahima at Mumbai Jaya inspects her daughter's room Debashree and Ashutosh at his lovely apartment at Bandra (where we stayed)
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Get-together of Naval batchmates at the U.S. Club, Colaba. L to R -- the Gopalkrishnans, the Laghates and the Vaidyas. After dinner at U.S. Club we all gatecrashed into Sarwates' place for coffee / liqueur
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Cmde Sarwate + sheepish grin Meeting Vinod Munshi (on a visit to mumbai from Canada) after ages Gopalkrishna's brand new Corolla which I had the pleasure of test driving on the Palm Beach Road at New Bombay Also test drove Roosky's brand new Scorpio -- same road, same evening, but different thrill
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A most enjoyable evening at Roosky & Sutapa's place at Sanpara with IIT / LLR friends
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At Mitali's place at Malad Debashree and Siddhant Obeisance at The Temple at Mumbai All good things must come to an end


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