IIT Kgp classmates welcome Dr. Snehamay Banerjee to Kolkata (December Y2K)

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My classmate Snehamay (Mechanical Engg., 1974)  teaches Computer Science at Rutgers University in the US. While on a sabbatical to Hongkong, he visited Kolkata in December Y2K along with his family. I got hold of some other classmates and their wives and arranged a small party in their honour.

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Saranjit Singh brought his digicam along and we took some photos. Let me share them with you.

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Five classmates get together after 26 years!

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Udayan Bagchi, Snehamay Banerjee, Debashis Mukherjee, Arun Manohar and Saranjit Singh Snehamay, Mrs. Manohar and Mrs. Banerjee

Mrs. Singh, Mrs. Manohar, Mrs. Bagchi and Mrs. Banerjee

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Mrs. Singh Saranjit Singh and Arun Manohar Mrs. Manohar, Mrs. Banerjee and Mrs. Bagchi

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At the dining table