IIT Kharagpur Photo Album 5 -- The Campus Today

(during Golden Jubilee year - 2001)

During July 2001 I drove down to Kgp from Kolkata. Visiting the campus after over two decades was a truly nostalgic experience. The campus looked very neat and clean -- all spruced up for the Golden Jubilee celebrations.

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Guess what! Kgp now has a guest house exclusively for its alumni -- it's called 'Technology Alumni House 2001'. I stayed there with my family. Another view of TAH 2001. Charges are a mere Rs 50 per bed per night. Each room has 2 single beds with mosquito curtains and attached toilet. DM & wife pose proudly in front of TAH 2001.
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The rooms (a dozen in number) are all on the 1st. flr. They are quite ordinary -- no AC or fancy decor. Breakfast available at nominal charge. BC Roy Technology Hospital -- I had to stay here for a couple of weeks in 1970 when I got measles. Another view of the hospital.
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Times sure have changed -- a signpost opposite the sw. pool guides you to travel / passport agents, courier services, hotel bookings, car rentals and STD / ISD booths. The swimming pool. I pointed out the sharp glass pieces cemented to the top of its boundary wall to my family! The lane leading to LLR Hall. I found the fag shop at the junction of this lane and Scholars' Avenue missing. The Block closest to you is the new A1 block.
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Boy, am I glad to come back to LLR Hall -- you bet! One can see the new A1 block of LLR Hall on the right. A view inside LLR Hall (from the canteen).
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The good old LLR cycle shed. An eye-catching fresco inside LLR. A view of A-top, LLR.
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Note the community washing m/c at A-top, LLR. A peep inside my old room at A-313, LLR. A view of the new A1 block from the window of A-313, LLR.
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The toilets in the Hall are the same except the addition of water storage tanks (seen on the right of the wash-basins above). This new block has come up between the old JCB Hall and the Scholars' Avenue (view from the lane leading to LLR Hall). I had spent  hundreds of hours in this building at the intersection of Scholars' Ave. and LLR Lane which housed the Gymkhana dark-room / studio.
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The imposing facade of the new Vinod Gupta School of Management (near the ME Dept.). The old jail which has been converted into a museum. In front of the old jail -- the jet fighter and I belong to the museum as well!
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The new face of Waldorf. The restaurant is on the 1st. flr. -- I found red plastic chairs and a 'dhaba' like atmosphere. My favourite joint, the Far East restaurant, has closed down. The new eating joint is this place called 'Little Sisters' -- closer to IIT than Waldorf, just after the level crossing. Airconditioned, nice decor, economical too. I had an excellent meal here with my family.
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A view of the SI (South Institute). The backside of SI (entrance to the hair cutting saloon). The same old saloon at SI.
2001kgp31.jpg (48966 bytes) A view of the Kharagpur Railway Station.


Another view of the Station. The cycle shed has made way for car parking space

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