Seventh Inter IIT Meet at IIT Kgp in 1969

My batch at Kgp was lucky to witness the VIIth. Inter IIT Meet during our very first year in 1969. And what an exciting Inter IIT it was -- real keen competition in all events with Kgp finally emerging the champions! As a fresher in Kgp I was full of 'enthu', did lots of volunteer work and clicked lots of photos with my ancient 'Yashica'.

When I learnt that IIT Kgp has once again won the Inter IIT Meet during the ongoing Golden Jubilee Celebrations (2001 - 2002), my heart was filled with pride as well as nostalgia. I pulled out my old dusty albums and prepared this pictorial tribute to my alma mater.

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The whole campus is overflowing with tempo!

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The Jnan Ghosh Stadium gate is beautifully decorated The TSG (Dr. JC Ghosh Memorial Students' Centre) wears a festive look Ambulance and first-aid facilities in a state of readiness at the Stadium

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VIPs seated for the Opening Ceremony. Brigadier Bose, Director, can be seen A magnificent march past by all the participating teams led by the Air Force Band from Kalaikunda

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The Meet gets underway with athletic competitions

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That's a great vault! The VP discusses a technical point with Prof. KG Chandiramani and other officials The VP with a cine camera (no video cameras those days!)

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Other events like volleyball and aquatics get underway elsewhere on the campus

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Lal Singh Sachdev (Lalee) and PC Ramesh Babu (Pondy) provide excellent commentary at the pool Three of the best athletes of Kgp. The guy on extreme right is Richard D'Souza. The scoreboard tells all -- Kgp are champs!

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Glittering trophies at the closing ceremony

Volunteers pose proudly after the closing ceremony

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