Golden Jubilee Reunion -- 19 / 20 Jan, 2002

As a part of IIT Kgp Golden Jubilee Celebrations 2001-2002, reunion of LLR, RK and RP Hall students was organised on 19 and 20 January 2002. Some 16 guys (including 2 Kgp faculty) attended the LLR reunion. During the two days there were several activities such as conducted tours, lunch / dinner at the Hall, variety entertainment programmes at Netaji Auditorium / LLR, bonfire, etc. All of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Almost all the visiting alumni of LLR were from the 70's batches. In RK and RP I found guys from the 60's and 70's. Probably the 'nostalgia factor' takes a quarter of a century to mature!

Let me share some of the photos I clicked.

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A view of LLR from the A1 block The new bicycle parking space inside the Hall (original enclosed shed is also there). A view (from A1 block) of the new hostel under construction right next to LLR

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Arun Lohia chatting with students. Manish Kumar, Hall President is at extreme left. Tushar Kheterpal, G. Sec. (computers) is 4th. from left Alumni pose with students. Standing, L to R : Ravi Reddy, Shubhro Sengupta, Kishore Barua, Arun Lohia, Asst. Warden Prof. Gautam Mazumdar, Manohar Bhutoria Tushar Kheterpal with his PC in his room (now all rooms have PCs with internet connectivity)

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Banerjee Babu (recently recovered from major illness) and other mess workers Alumni attending a presentation at the Vinod Gupta School of Management

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Prof. GS Sanyal (now 80+), Prof. Farooqui and Prof. Srinivasan at VGSOM Variety entertainment programme at the Netaji Auditorium
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Debashis Mukherjee and Prof. Amitabha Ghosh (Director) at Netaji Auditorium The Institute building bathed in the golden rays of the setting sun Never saw the old jail (now a museum) shining like this!
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Alumni + families on a conducted tour to IIT's tea garden / horticulture site The new 'Super Centre' coming up near the Agri. Dept. The old hangar / workshop
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Arun Lohia and Debashis Mukherjee join Tushar and his wingmates (A1 middle) for a 'session'
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Lajpatians put up a variety entertainment programme for the alumni (Note : lawn in front of the Hall canteen is the venue) Asitava holding forth on 'ragging in our days'
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Biman Malakar sings a song Like all good things, the LLR reunion comes to an end -- with a bonfire and antakshari

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