IIT Kgp Freshers' Welcome Function -- 1969

In the sixties and the seventies, IIT Kha - Rag - Pur was notorious for ragging. However, during ragging the 'seniors' always used to be on the lookout for talented freshers. The cream of these talented freshers were given their first platform for public performance in IIT Kgp during the official welcome function for freshers at the Netaji Auditorium.

I was not a talented fresher. However, I was impressed by the talent (especially musical) of many of my fellow freshers and took these photographs at the Welcome Function.

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Netaji Auditorium -- 1969

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After the welcome speeches by Brigadier Bose, Director (left) and Prof. GS Sanyal (right), freshers swing into action (below)

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  K. Mohan, who is playing the harmonium, is presently working in Japan as a consulting naval architect Kalyan at the tabla

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Tabla : Kalyan; Harmonium : Vasant Saini (now in USA) Tabla : Kalyan; Harmonium : Vasant Saini  

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  Kamalika Nag sings a song

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