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I took some leave from office and spent the last week of March 2003 in Bombay. My stay there was very eventful. I enjoyed the warm hospitality of a relative (Mitali), a gaonwalla friend (Ashutosh) and two Naval friends (Cdr Gopalkrishnan and Cdr Laghate). Some of my Naval batchmates hosted a party for me at the seaside at the USO Club, Colaba. Some of my IITkgp Hallmates entertained me at the Pritam Hotel in Dadar.

But the high point of the visit was my trip to Lonavla to meet my friends Mr. and Mrs. Bezbora. Not only did Gopalkrishnan and I enjoy the warm hospitality of the Bezboras and enjoy an excellent lunch prepared by Mrs. Bezbora, the drive to Lonavla and back on Gopal's brand new Accent Viva on the new Bombay-Poona Expressway was something to remember forever. I drove the 103PS beast throughout and, for the first time in my life, exceeded 160 KMPH (100MPH)!! The combination of the Accent Viva and the desi autobahn was simply too heady!

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Let me share some photos of the trip with you.

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Mitali with her grandson, mother and daughter-in-law in her lovely flat at Malad Siddhant practising driving with his improvised 'steering wheel' Laghate, Meghna and Geetha in their beautiful apartment at Powai
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Ashutosh in his 'designer' apartment at Khar

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Leela and Gopal proudly pose in front of their new Accent Viva and their factory-cum-office at Nerul DM and Leela Bezbora Uncle, Aunty and DM at their bungalow at Lonavla
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Mr. and Mrs. Bezbora Uncle appreciating the Accent Viva DM and the mean machine near Amby Valley, Lonavla


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Sarwate, Vaidya, Tikku and Laghate Gopal, Leela, Chitra and Sujata DM, Gopal, Laghate, Vaidya, Sarwate and Tikku. Leela, Chitra and Sujata in the foreground.


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Gharse, Roosky, Southee, Mandy and Venky DM, Gharse and Roosky Southee, Mandy and Venky A rollicking time was had by all

Now you know why my life is beautiful!

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