'Navy Days' Photo Album 3 -- Batchmate get-togethers

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The get-together on INS Nirdeshak (1985)

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N Singh, D Mukherjee, S Vasudevan, Vijay Kinra, AV Laghate, RB Rao and VM Sarwate Sujata Sarwate, Jaya Mukherjee, Vaijayanthi Vasudevan** and Geetha Laghate Geetha Laghate, Vaijayanthi Vasudevan**, Namita Singh, Jaya Mukherjee and Sujata Sarwate

** Vaijayanthi Vasudevan bravely fought cancer for over a year but finally succumbed to it in 1999. We all remember her as a very generous, friendly, intelligent, gutsy and enterprising lady. May her soul rest in peace.


The get-together on INS Vikrant (1991)

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L to R : NK Sharma, Rajeev Vaidya, Ajeet Laghate, Debashis Mukherjee, SS Kumar, N Subba Rao, VM Sarwate, Ajit Thosar, Kapil Tikku

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Group photo with life partners The 'Merry Wives'

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Children having a ball of their own The big picture


The 'Silver Jubilee' get-together at Delhi (1999)

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Standing (L to R) : Yogi Kaul, N Singh, Vijay Kinra, NK Sharma, R Babu Rao

Sitting (L to R) : GD Agarwal, Preeti Kinra, Namita Sigh, Renu Sharma, Jaya Mukherjee

Standing (L to R) : Debashis Mukherjee, R Babu Rao, GD Agarwal

Sitting (L to R) : Vijay Kinra, NK Sharma, Yogi Kaul, N Singh

Standing (L to R) : GD Agarwal, Yogi Kaul, N Singh, Vijay Kinra, NK Sharma, Babu Rao

Sitting (L to R) : D Mukherjee, Preeti Kinra, Namita Singh, Renu Sharma, Jaya Mukherjee

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Batchmates reminisce about the 'frontroll -backroll' days at Navac 25 yrs. ago. Babu Rao (on ty. duty from Vizag) narrates stories about Visakhapatnam. Dinner at Pandara Road after the gup-shup and daru session at the DSOI.